Start Date Location Tournament Level Site
2022-11-18 LITTLE FALLS, MN Little Falls Squirt A Squirt A Little Falls Hockey
2022-11-18 DULUTH, MN Portman Thanksgiving Tournament Squirt A & B Duluth Hockey
2021-11-19 Rogers, MN Bar Down Classic - Squirt C Squirt C Rogers Hockey
2022-11-18 BLAINE, MN Spring Lake Park Squirt Panther Classic Squirt A & B  Spring Lake Park Hockey
2022-11-25 PRIOR LAKE, MN Wishbone Tourney Squirt B2 & C Prior Lake Hockey
2022-11-25 COTTAGE GROVE, MN Turkey Tourney Squirt C Cottage Grove Hockey
2021-11-26 Hopkins, MN 46th Annual Hopkins Thanksgiving Tournament Squirt A, B, & C Hopkins Hockey
2022-12-02 CLOQUET, MN Barn Burner Squirt A Cloquet Hockey
2022-12-02 ALEXANDRIA, MN Big Ole Hockey Tournament Squirt B2 Alexandria Hockey
2022-12-02 DULUTH, MN Spirit of Duluth Squirt A Duluth Hockey
2021-12-03 Delano, MN Scrambler Squirt A   Delano Area Hockey
2022-12-02 MONITCELLO, MN Moose Cup Squirt A Monticello Hockey
2021-12-03 Moorhead, MN Moorhead Squirt A, Squirt B Moorhead Hockey
2021-12-03 Plymouth, MN Wayzata Fire on Ice Squirt B2, Squirt C Wayzata Hockey
2021-12-10 Brainerd, MN Brainerd Squirt A Brainerd Hockey
2021-12-10 Edina, MN Cornerstone Squirt A & B Edina Hockey
2021-12-10 Faribault, MN Faribault Squirt A Faribault Hockey
2021-12-10 Hibbing & Chisholm, MN Hibbing Squirt B Hibbing Chisholm Hockey
2021-12-10 New Ulm, MN New Ulm Squirt A New Ulm Hockey
2021-12-10 Roseau, MN Neal Broten Squirt B Tournament Squirt B Roseau Hockey
2021-12-16 Eden Prairie, MN Prairie Shootout Squirt A , B1,& B2 Eden Prairie Hockey
2022-12-16 BLAINE, MN Battle at the Ice House Squirt B2 Blaine Hockey
2022-12-16 CLOQUET, MN Barn Burner Squirt B Cloquet Hockey
2021-12-17 Northfield, MN Northfield Squirt C Northfield Hockey
2022-12-16 THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN Old Arena Classic Squirt B Thief River Falls Hockey
2021-12-17 Walker, MN City on the Bay Hockey Tournament Squirt C Walker Hockey
2021-12-31 Hermantown, MN Hermantown Squirt A Hermantown Hockey
2022-12-30 BROOKINGS, SD SQT A & B Squirt A & B Brookings Hockey
2022-01-01 Osseo Maple Grove, MN Squirt Extravaganza Squirt A, Squirt B, Squirt B2, Squirt C Osseo Maple Grove Hockey
2022-01-06 Bloomington, MN Squirt Shootout Squirt A, Squirt B, Squirt C Bloomington Hockey
2023-01-06 DULUTH, MN Duluth Heights Outdoor Squirt Classic Squirt B Duluth Hockey
2022-01-07 Forest Lake, MN Ranger Classic Squirt B2, Squirt C Forest Lake Hockey
2023-01-06 LAKEVILLE, MN Squirt Showdown Squirt B2 Lakeville Hockey
2022-01-07 Plymouth, MN Wayzata Freeze Squirt B1 & B2 Wayzata Hockey
2023-01-06 SARTELL, MN Battle by the River Squirt C Sartell Hockey
2023-01-06 ST. PAUL, MN Ice Breaker Squirt B & C St Paul Capitals Hockey
2023-01-06 THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN SQT A Showdown Squirt A Thief River Falls Hockey
2022-01-07 St. Paul, MN Ice Breaker Squirt B & C St. Paul Capitals Hockey
2023-01-13 FERGUS FALLS, MN Flow at the Falls Squirt A Fergus Falls Hockey
2022-01-14 Grand Forks, ND Grand Forks Squirt Classic Squirt A, Squirt B, Squirt B1 Grand Forks Hockey
2022-01-14 Little Falls, MN Little Falls Squirt A & B Little Falls Hockey
2022-01-14 Mankato, MN Mankato Meltdown SQT B2 Squirt B Mankato Hockey
2022-01-14 Moorhead, MN Moorhead Squirt C Moorhead Hockey
2022-01-14 Roseau, MN Dave Wensloff Squirt A Tournament Squirt A Roseau Hockey
2022-01-14 Warroad, MN Hockeytown USA Squirt B Squirt B Warroad Hockey
2023-01-19 BLAINE, MN YHH Squirtacular Squirt A, B1, & B2 YHH
2022-01-21 Bemidji, MN Bemidji Squirt B Bemidji Hockey
2023-01-19 COTTAGE GROVE, MN Skating with the Wolves Squirt B2 Cottage Grove Hockey
2023-01-20 DULUTH, MN Skate on the Edge Squirt B Duluth Hockey
2022-01-21 Grand Rapids, MN Star of the North Tournament Squirt A Grand Rapids Hockey
2023-01-20 MONTICELLO, MN Iceberg Classic Squirt B1 & C Monticello Hockey
2022-01-21 New Ulm, MN New Ulm Squirt B New Ulm Hockey
2022-01-21 Owatonna, MN Owatonna Squirt A & B Owatonna Hockey
2022-01-21 River Falls, WI River Falls Squirt B, Squirt C River Falls Hockey
2023-01-27 ALEXANDRIA, MN Big Ole Tournament Squirt A Alexandria Hockey
2022-01-28 Brainerd, MN Brainerd Squirt B1 & B2 Brainerd Hockey
2022-01-28 Duluth, MN Woodland Outdoor Squirt Classic Squirt B Duluth Hockey
2022-01-28 Lakeland, MN Jim Foley Outdoor Squirt C Classic Squirt C St. Mary’s Point Hockey
2023-01-27 MOOSE LAKE, MN Moose Lake Squirt B Squirt B Moose Lake Hockey
2022-01-28 Proctor, MN Proctor Squirt A Proctor Hockey
2022-01-28 Walker, MN City on the Bay Hockey Tournament Squirt B2 Walker Hockey
2022-02-04 Bemidji, MN Bemidji Squirt C Bemidji Hockey
2022-02-04 Duluth, MN Skate on Edge Squirt C Duluth Hockey
2022-02-04 Grand Rapids, MN Star of the North Tournament Squirt B Grand Rapids Hockey
2022-02-04 Mankato, MN Mankato Meltdown SQT C Squirt C Mankato Hockey
2022-02-04 Marshall, MN Squadron Classic Squirt A, Squirt B Marshall Hockey
2022-02-04 Proctor, MN Proctor Squirt B Proctor Hockey
2022-02-04 Warroad, MN Hockeytown USA Squirt A Tournament Squirt A Warroad Hockey
2022-02-04 Willmar, MN Cardinal Classic Squirt A, Squirt B Willmar Hockey
2023-02-09 FARGO, ND Squirt International B Squirt B Fargo Hockey
2023-02-10 DULUTH, MN Blades of Steel Squirt B1 & B2 Duluth Hockey
2023-02-16 FARGO, ND Squirt International B1 Squirt B1 Fargo Hockey
2022-02-18 Faribault, MN Faribault Squirt C (District 9) Faribault Hockey
2022-02-21 Blaine, MN The Rush 3v3 Festival Squirt A & B Super Rink Hockey
2023-02-23 FARGO, ND Squirt International A Squirt A Fargo Hockey
2022-02-25 Faribault, MN Faribault Arctic Blast Squirt C Faribault Hockey
2022-02-25 Owatonna, MN Owatonna Squirt C Owatonna Hockey