Start Date Location Tournament Level Site
2022-12-02 DULUTH, MN Spirit of Duluth Junior Gold A Duluth Hockey
2022-12-09 BROOKINGS, SD Jr. Gold B Junior Gold B Brookings Hockey
2022-12-09 Lakeville, MN Prowler Classic Junior Gold U16 Lakeville Hockey
2021-12-31 Moorhead, MN Moorhead Junior Gold B Moorhead Hockey
2022-01-06 Edina, MN 43rd Annual John E. Reimann Tournament Junior Gold B, Junior Gold 16 Edina Hockey
2023-01-19 COTTAGE GROVE, MN Skating with the Wolves Junior Gold B Cottage Grove Hockey
2023-01-19 WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN Junior Gold A Jeffrey Hayne Memorial Junior Gold A White Bear Lake Hockey
2022-01-21 Plymouth, MN Wayzata Jr. Gold Classic Junior Gold A Wayzata Hockey
2023-02-03 Duluth, MN / Superior, WI Duluth Junior Gold B Tournament Junior Gold B Duluth Hockey
2022-02-18 Somerset, WI Somerset Junior Gold B, Junior Gold 16 Somerset Hockey