Squirt A

Farmington wins the Spartan Classic over MPLS and jumps to #7

Rank Team District Last week
1 Edina White 6 W
2 Moorhead Red 15 WW
3 Woodbury 8 WWW
4 Sartell 5 LW
5 Northern Lakes 15 TWWWW
6 Warroad 16 WTWWWL
7 Farmington 8 WWWW
8 OMG White 3 W
9 OMG Crimson 3 DNP
10 Centennial 10 WLWW


Unlike their sisters at 10A, these boys shook things up this week. Edina White holds down the fort at #1, but after that it was like the Wild West.

North Lakes wins the Dave Wensloff tourney in Roseau. Farmington takes the Spartan Classic in Richfield and that set off a storm of movement in the rankings.

Woodbury has righted the ship and looks to be a tough out in the Squirtacular...they are now #3 after a bump in the road in December.

Squirt B

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Forest Lake 2 WW
2 Stillwater (Black) 2 WW
3 Bagley 16 WW
4 Chaska/Chanhassen (Gold) 6 W
5 Lakeville North 8 WW
6 Woodbury (Royal) 8 L
7 Hopkins 3 WWW
8 Edina 6 WW
9 Duluth (Glen Avon White) 11 W
10 Chaska/Chanhasen (Purple) 6 W


Bagley is up to number three this week, the Flyers are undefeated and dominating teams up north this season. Lakeville North jumps up two spots this week, they beat previous number-two Woodbury (Royal). Duluth (Glen Avon White) is at number nine this week, and they are back in the rankings, they haven’t lost in a month.