15A Girls

Hannah Christenson, Andover 15A

Rank Team District November
1. Andover 10 WWWWW
2. Osseo-Maple Grove 3 WWWWWLWLWT
3. Stillwater Black 2 WWLLWLWWWWW
4. North Wright County 5 TWLTWT
5. Elk River 10 LWWW
6. Anoka-Rogers 10 WWWWWTLLLW
7. Blaine/Spring Lake Park 10 WWLTLWWLT
8. Wayzata Blue 3 WWLWLL
9. Forest Lake 2 LTWWWW
10. Woodbury Black 8 WWWL


With a 2-0 win over Osseo-Maple Grove, undefeated Andover captures the No. 1 ranking, followed by the 8-2-2 Leafbirds at No. 2. A batch of string District 10 teams face a logjam in the middle of the rankings, with Elk River at No. 5, Anoka-Rogers at No. 6, and Blaine/Spring Lake Park at No. 7. As the season hopefully continues, the race for first in D10 will be one to keep an eye on. 

12A Girls

Alyssa Nuernberg, Anoka-Rogers 12A

Rank Team District November
1. Edina 6 WWWWW
2. Stillwater 2 WWWWWTWWWW
3. Minnetonka 6 WWWWW
4. Proctor-Hermantown 11 LLWWWWWW
5. Anoka-Rogers 10 LWWLWWLLWW
6. Champlin Park-Coon Rapids 10 LLWWWW
7. Centennial 10 WWLWTLWL
8. Forest Lake 2 TWWWLTWL
9. Orono-Westonka 3 WWWW
10. Osseo-Maple Grove 3 LWTTWTWLW


Despite Stillwater's sparkling 10-0-2 record and championship win at last weekend's All-American Girls Tournament, the Ponies come in at No. 2 in the rankings. Edina takes the stop spot, thanks in part to the Hornets' slightly stronger strength of schedule according to NOW Rankings. After starting the month with two losses, No. 4 Proctor-Hermantown rattled off six consecutive wins before the four-week pause. 

12B Girls

Izabella Strang, Cloquet 12B

Rank Team District Last Week
1. Stillwater Black 2 WLLWWWWWWW
2. Cloquet 11 WLWWLWW
3. Minnetonka Blue 6 W
4. Edina Black 6 WLWWWWW
5. Wayzata Blue 3 TWWLWW
6. Eveleth-Gilbert/Virginia/Mesabi East 12 WWWWW
7. Armstrong-Cooper 3 LLWLWWLWWLW
8. Forest Lake 2 LWWWWWLTWL
9. Minnesota River 9 WWW
10. St Paul-Roseville White 2 LWWWLWL


Stillwater topped Cloquet 2-1 in the All-American Girls 12B championship last weekend, cementing the Ponies' place at the top of the rankings and the Lumberjacks' No. 2 slot. Edina Black finished the month of November on a high note with five straight wins, the same November total posted by Eveleth-Gilbert/Virginia/Mesabi East.