Squirt A

Back in Black...Woodbury is #1 in Squirt A

Rank Team District Last Week
1. Woodbury 8 WWWWWWWWW
2. Moorhead 15 WWLWWL
3. Lakeville North 8 WWWWLL
4. Chaska/Chanhassen 6 WLWWW
5. Stillwater 2 WWLWL
6. Andover 10 WWLWWW
7. Edina (Green) 6 TLLWWWL
8. Mahtomedi 2 WWWLWLWL
9. Eden Prairie 6 WLWLWW
10. Roseville 2 WWWLWWW


In a year where YHH increased its number of teams from 72 to 80, we also officially turned away as many teams  as we accepted. The reason they come is simple. Great competition and fun.

Despite some challenging hurdles the teams made it in and out of the Super Rink safe, played some great games and saw a bunch of great hockey teams and players.. 

Woodbury and Moorhead are the class of this year's....class. There are several teams who have some horses (Lakeville North, Stillwater, Mahtomedi, Andover, etc)...but the Predators and Spuds have the thoroughbreds. 

Squirt B

Stillwater Red came a goal away from the Squirtacular title (photo: Luka Vanek)

Rank Team District Last Week
1 White Bear Lake (Black) 2 W
2 Stillwater (Red) 2 WWWL
3 Edina 6 WWW
4 Osseo/Maple Grove (Gold) 3 WWW
5 Stillwater (Black) 2 WWWWWLW
6 Woodbury (Royal) 8 WW
7 Duluth (Glen Avon Red) 11 WWWWLW
8 Greenway (White) 12 WW
9 Northern Edge 10 DNP
10 Windom 4 DNP


Undefeated White Bear Lake (Black) is clear number one in Squirt B so far. But the Bears better have a good rearview mirror, both Stillwater teams showed their stuff in the Squirtacular over the weekend. Woodbury (Royal) with a nice start with a 23-3 goal differential. Lots of games to be played still, teams featured now have just played more games than others.