Squirt A

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Woodbury 8 WWT
2 Moorhead 15 DNP
3 Mahtomedi 2 WWT
4 Stillwater 2 W
5 Chaska/Chanhassen 6 DNP
6 Andover 10 WW
7 OMG White 3 WWW
8 Eden Prairie 6 LWT
9 OMG Crimson 3 WWL
10 Hermantown 11 TLWW


A nearly impossible week of rankings this week. A lot of "L" appeared this week in  - many top teams playing each other, including Woodbury and Mahtomedi who went to a shootout.  Would have loved to have seen Moorhead get another shot at Woodbury...two of the best Squirt teams we've seen.

Squirt B

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Woodbury (Royal) 8 W
2 Virginia (White) 12 W
3 White Bear Lake (Orange) 2 W
4 Bemidji (White) 16 WW
5 Osseo/Maple Grove (Gold) 3 WW
6 White Bear Lake (Black) 2 W
7 Blaine (Blue) 10 WW
8 Moorhead (Black) 15 LT
9 Virginia (Gray) 12 DNP
10 Mankato (Gray) 9 WWL


The top five is the same this week, and really hasn’t changed much all
season. White Bear Lake (Black) finishes super strong and ends at
number six in the rankings. Mankato (Gray) is the last team in the
rankings and had a strong last ten games.