Bantam AA

Edina is #5 this week (pic: Caleb Pittsley)

Rank Team District Record
1 Moorhead 15 WWW
2 Eden Prairie 6 W
3 Osseo Maple Grove 3 WW
4 Rogers 10 WW
5 Edina 6 DNP
6 West St. Paul 2 WWWW
7 Minnetonka 6 LL
8 Rosemount 8 LWWW
9 Woodbury 8 WLWLW
10 ST. Paul 2 TWWW


If the state tournament were held this week, first of all it would be a cold drive to Baudette, but four teams have really surfaced as contenders. Moorhead, Eden Prairie, Rogers and Osseo-Maple Grove. There is a logjam of teams between 8-12 right now. West St. Paul wins the Play for Patrick title, they jump to number 6.

Bantam A

Roseville is #2 in Bantam A (pic: Monty Adams)

Rank Team District Last Two Weeks
1 East Grand Forks 16 LWWW
2 Roseville 2 TWW
3 Osseo/Maple Grove 3 TWW
4 Edina 6 TWLL
5 Armstrong Cooper 3 WWW
6 Thief River Falls 3 WWWWW
7 Delano 3 LWWW
8 Virginia 12 LTWW
9 Orono 3 WLWL
10 Forest Lake 2 TWWW


Number two Roseville and number three Osseo/Maple Grove faced off this week - they tie and no movement happens. Number five Armstrong Cooper is the biggest mover as they jump up four spots- they are on a twelve game win streak. Thief River Falls is up to number six this week, they take win their home tourney. Forest Lake is the new team in the BA rankings, they have started the new year off 3-0-1. 

Bantam B

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Prior Lake 6 WW
2 Park-Cottage Grove 8 WW
3 Osseo/Maple Grove (Black) 3 W
4 Farmington 8 WL
5 Moorhead (Black) 15 WWWW
6 Minnetonka 6 WWWWW
7 Alexandria (Black) 15 W
8 St. Louis Park 3 WLW
9 Blaine 10 WTW
10 Eagan 8 WWWW


The top nine this week is completely stagnant and stays the same. Number six Minnetonka Skippers take home the Hastings Big Chill tournament this past weekend and  improve their win streak to twelve games. Number five Moorhead (Black) takes home the Grand Rapids tournament this past weekend as well. There is one new team in the BB rankings this week, as the Wildcats are on an eight game win streak.