Bantam AA

Edina is #4 this week (pic: Parker Trottier)

Rank Team District Record
1 West St. Paul 2 WW
2 Moorhead 15 L
3 Osseo Maple Grove 3 WWL
4 Edina 6 WT
5 Rogers 10 TW
6 Eden Prairie 6 LWT
7 Andover 10 WTW
8 Woodbury 8 WT
9 Stillwater 2 WW
10 St. Louis Park 3 WW


West St. Paul stays hot at the right time of year. The Warriors have beaten Shattuck-St. Mary's, Woodbury, OMG and Moorhead in the last 16 days. They are the new #1.

The rest of the top-10 remained in the top ten, Andover gets a bump after a crazy 6-6 tie with Rogers. Numbers 1-4 last week all got bumped down by WSP jump from #5 to #1.

Don't sleep on Stillwater. The Ponies have not lost since January 16. They have ties with Moorhead and West St. Paul in that stretch.

Bantam A

The Raiders are at #2 this week (pic: Collin Hites)

Rank Team District Last Week
1 East Grand Forks 16 WL
2 Roseville 2 W
3 Northfield 9 W
4 Osseo/Maple Grove 3 TW
5 Armstrong Cooper 3 LW
6 Orono 3 TWW
7 Monticello 5 WWWW
8 Edina 6 WL
9 Delano 3 LT
10 Northern Lakes 15 TWW


The top five stay the same this week in BA. Orono shifts up one this week, they are on a four-game win streak. Monticello is on a twelve-game win streak and continues their climb up the rankings, they are at number seven this week. The very solid recent play has Northern Lakes back in our rankings, at number ten. 

Bantam B

Grand Rapids is at #5 - winners of the Moorhead tourney last weekend

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Prior Lake 6 WT
2 Minnetonka 6 LTT
3 Park-Cottage Grove 8 W
4 Osseo/Maple Grove (Black) 3 DNP
5 Grand Rapids 12 WWWWW
6 Bemidji 16 W
7 Blaine 10 WW
8 Moorhead (Black) 15 WWL
9 Morris-Benson 15 DNP
10 Eagan 8 WWW


The top four in BB all do enough this week to remain the same. Grand Rapids is rising fast, they win the Moorhead tournament while picking up a win over previous number four Moorhead (Black). Morris-Benson has won 10 out of their last 11 games and is back in our rankings at number nine. Eagan is also heating up a bit, and back into our rankings at number ten.

PeeWee AA

STMA is back in top-10 this week (pic: Easton Monahan)

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Minnetonka 6 WW
2 Stillwater 2 WL
3 Osseo Maple Grove 3 WW
5 Moorhead 15 WL
5 Edina 6 WWW
6 Centennial 10 WL
7 Woodbury 8 WLW
8 Elk River 10 T
10 Mahtomedi 2 LW


Some turmoil at the top this week. OMG beats Moorhead, the Leafbirds go up. Moorhead beats Stillwater, the Ponies slide a bit. STMA has a solid week, they jump back into the T10. Teams are starting to find their groove as district playoffs approach the next two weeks.

PeeWee A

Rank Team District Last Week
1 East Grand Forks 16 WWW
2 Hibbing/Chisholm 12 WW
3 Warroad 16 WL
4 Waseca 9 WT
5 Monticello 5 W
6 Roseville 2 DNP
7 Armstrong Cooper 3 WW
8 West St. Paul 8 WWL
9 Northern Lakes 15 LW
10 Northfield 9 WWW


The top six remain the same this week. There was a huge top-three matchup between number one East Grand Forks and number three Warroad. The Greenwave takes the huge win to stay undefeated against ‘A’ teams. Number seven Armstrong Cooper is on a 24 game win streak and is the hottest team in PWA.

PeeWee B

Edina Green is #7 this week (pic: Oliver Baker)

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Minneapolis (Black) 3 WWW
2 Edina (White) 6 W
3 Osseo/Maple Grove (Black) 3 LW
4 Prior Lake (Navy) 6 LW
5 Lakeville South 8 L
6 Mahtomedi (Gold) 2 W
7 Edina (Green) 6 WWWW
8 Cottage Grove 8 WW
9 Northern Edge 10 W
10 Bagley 16 W


A huge shift in the PWB rankings this week. The big news is Minneapolis (Black) taking the throne at number one, after a win over previous number one Osseo/Maple Grove (Black). Hornets are swarming up, as Edina (White) bumps from number four to number two this week. Edina (Green) is streaking and sneaks into our rankings this week at number seven. 

Squirt A

Skippers sailing at #1 (pic: Noah Franks)

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Minnetonka (Black) 6 WW
2 Woodbury 8 WW
3 East Grand Forks 16 WWW
4 Moorhead 15 L
5 Stillwater 2 WWWWL
6 OMG (White) 3 WW
7 OMG (Crimson) 3 W
8 Edina (Green) 6 L
9 Wayzata 3 LWW
10 Warroad 16 LW


Wow...a huge week in Squirt A!

East Grand Forks vaults into the top 5 with a win over Moorhead.  Osseo Maple Grove Crimson earns their way in this week, they have won 9 in a row.

A lot of good teams just on the outside. One team, Mahtomedi, had a great win over Stillwater Sunday.

Squirt B

Rank Team District Last Week
1 Prior Lake 6 DNP
2 Fergus Falls 15 W
3 Blaine 10 W
4 Osseo/Maple Grove (Gold) 3 TWWW
5 Stillwater (Red) 2 WWW
6 Roseville 2 L
7 Mound Westonka 3 W
8 Stillwater (Red) 2 WWW
9 Greenway (Black) 12 WW
10 Woodbury (Royal) 8 DNP


Undefeated Fergus Falls is up to number two this week- the Otters are rolling. Blaine is on a six-game win streak and moves up one spot to number three this week. Stillwater (Red) is our biggest mover this week: the Ponies have an 8 game win streak and they are into the top five.