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2019 SOT: All-Tournament Team

By YHH Staff , 04/04/19, 9:15PM CDT


The all-tournament team is selected through a process of YHH Staff observations, tournament official and coach recommendations.

2019 SOT Highlight Video

Boys Most Valuable Player (2005-2007)

Division Most Valuable Player Team
2005 Division Zach Nehring South
2006 Division Will Skahan East
2007 Division Cullen Potter West

Cullen Potter of 07 West was selected as the 2007 Division's tournament MVP.

Boys All-Tournament Team (2005-2007)

Year Player Team
2005 Murray-Marvin Cordes North
2005 Luke Giuliani West
2005 Isaac Johnson North
2005 Sam Scheetz South
2005 Isaiah Paulnock/Carter Wishart South
2006 Tanner Henricks East
2006 Adam Kleber South
2006 Lucas Mann East
2006 Zack Skarperud North
2006 Landon Stringfellow West
2007 Will Distad West
2007 Mason Jenson West
2007 Chaz Lentz East
2007 Andrew O'Neill North
2007 Holden Pajor South

All-Tournament Team pick Will Skahan of 06 East scores the game-winning goal in overtime of the 2006 championship game.

Boys Most Valuable Player (2008-2010)

Division Most Valuable Player Team
2008 Riley Zupfer East
2009 Jackson Meier South
2010 Ayven Hontvet North

Jackson Meier, 09 South, was named tourney MVP.

Boys All-Tournament Team (2008-2010)

Year Player Team
2008 Cole Bumgarner South
2008 Nate Chorlton East
2008 Wyatt Cullen North
2008 Dylan Dean West
2008 Charlie Engstrom East
2009 Charlie Awsumb South
2009 Nolan Fitzhenry West
2009 Anton Klint North
2009 Flynn Sandburg West
2009 Beckett Shillings East
2010 Joey Cullen North
2010 Gavin Godbout East
2010 Paxson Madill North
2010 Dylan Sherban South
2010 Bo Skelton West

Girls Most Valuable Player (U10-U13)

Division Most Valuable Player Team
U10 June Semling West
U11 Jasmine Hovda North
U12 Makayla Moran South
U13 Justyce Ohlgren West

June Semling totaled six goals and seven points in four games in her MVP performance for West.

Girls All-Tournament Team (U10-U13)

Year Player Team
U10 Addison Cowan South
U10 Mya Gunderson North
U10 Stevie Harris West
U10 Hannah Jones West
U10 Dillan Reardon East
U11 Hannah Christenson West
U11 Lauren Hornstein North
U11 Lorelai Nelson South
U11 Payton Remick North
U11 Sophie Stramel East
U12 Addie Bowlby South
U12 Kendra Distad South
U12 Hannah Graves North
U12 Zoe Lopez West
U12 Riley Robinson East
U13 Avery Achterkirch West
U13 Audrey Garton East
U13 Marissa Glodowski North
U13 Brooke Wenande South
U13 Julia Wilson West

Mya Gunderson of U10 North led the division in scoring with six goals and nine points in four games.

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