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NOW Combine: Thursday Recap

By YHH Staff, 07/09/20, 1:15PM CDT


Gamers from each third-place and championship game, plus pictures and Combine awards.

Minor Third Place: Gold 4, White 3

A three-goal outburst from Minor Gold in the second half powered the team to victory over Minor White in Thursday morning's third-place game, as Tyden Bergeson scored twice, and Easton Bahn added a third to capture the 4-3 win. 

Anden Roy, Carter Salberg, and Blake McShane each scored once in the loss for Minor White, while Wyatt Cullen added a single goal and two assists in the win for Minor Gold.

Avi Kasargod, Minor Gold.

Team Goal Assists
Gold Wyatt Cullen
Gold Easton Bahn Avi Kasargod
Gold Tyden Bergeson Wyatt Cullen, Nick Johnson
Gold Tyden Bergeson Wyatt Cullen, Erik Larson
White Anden Roy Blake McShane
White Carter Salberg Dylan Dubuc
White Blake McShane Krewz Harper, Emmett Hartmann

Kyler Berg, Minor White.

Minor Championship: Maroon 6, Grey 1

Minor Maroon scored five consecutive goals to pull away from Minor Grey and earn ultimate bragging rights in the Minor Division with a 6-1 win on Thursday morning. 

T.J. Hale scored first for Minor Maroon, but the 1-0 advantage was short-lived due to a goal five minutes later from Minor Grey's Tommy Bourgoin. From there, the game was all Minor Maroon, with five players tallying goals and another half-dozen recording assists. 

Nick Nugent, Gabe Perron, Hunter Rudolph, T.J. Hale, and Carsen Somers each recorded a goal down the stretch for Minor Maroon, and Mason West dished out three assists in the five-goal explosion. 

Minor Maroon, 2020 NOW Prospect Combine champions.

Team Goal Assists
Maroon T.J. Hale Carson Steinhoff
Maroon Nick Nugent Carson Steinhoff
Maroon Gabe Perron Mason West, Hunter Rudolph
Maroon Hunter Rudolph T.J. Hale, Mason West
Maroon T.J. Hale Mason West
Maroon Carsen Somers Nick Nugent, Hunter Rudolph
Gold Tommy Bourgoin

Carson Steinhoff, Minor Maroon.

Major Third Place: Maroon 9, White 5

A wild seesaw battle broke out during the Major Division's third-place game, with Major Maroon and Major White throwing haymakers for all 40 minutes of the game. 

Kellen Matushak led the way for Major Maroon in the 9-5 victory, picking up a hat trick and adding an assist. Wyatt Ehrhardt and Weston Schenkelberg scored two goals for Major Maroon, with single goals coming from Drew Albrecht and Joey Fankhanel. 

Ryder McDonald scored twice for Major White in the loss. Blake Schultz,  Christian Garrity, and Austin Gibson notched one goal apiece. 

Teddy Schubert, Major Maroon.

Team Goal Assists
Maroon Joey Fankhanel
Maroon Weston Schenkelberg Madden Weber, Drew Albrecht
Maroon Wyatt Ehrhardt Cade Sherman
Maroon Drew Albrecht Weston Schenkelberg, Madden Weber
Maroon Kellen Matushak Noah Narog
Maroon Wyatt Ehrhardt Madden Weber
Maroon Kellen Matushak Teddy Schubert
Maroon Weston Schenkelberg Kellen Matushak, Drew Albrecht
Maroon Kellen Matushak
White Blake Schultz
White Christian Garrity
White Ryder McDonald Blake Schultz
White Austin Gibson Caleb Johannes
White Ryder McDonald

Coen Schmeichel, Major White.

Major Championship: Grey 5, Gold 2

Major Grey concluded the 2020 NOW Prospects Combine with a 5-2 championship win over Major Gold, a testament to the Major Grey squad's balance and depth. 

Five players scored in the win for Major Grey, including four consecutive goals recorded from late in the first half through the end of the game. 

Major Gold took a 2-1 lead in the first half on a pair of goals by Michael Mathison and Cade Allmendinger, erasing the 1-0 lead created by Dylan Otten's opening goal.

Unlike the skies overhead in West Fargo, Grey reigned for the rest of the contest. Grant Matushak, Conner Pirsig, Graham Greeder, and Quintin Schaefer scored in succession to complete the (mild) comeback and emerge victorious for Major Grey.  

Major Grey, 2020 NOW Prospect Combine champions.

Team Goal Assists
Grey Dylan Otten
Grey Grant Matushak Quintin Schaefer, Tucker Johnson
Grey Conner Pirsig Will Cashin, Dylan Otten
Grey Graham Greeder Danner Brekke, Wyatt Balmer
Grey Quintin Schaefer Tucker Johnson
Gold Michael Mathison Sam Laurila
Gold Cade Allmendinger Sam Laurila, Michael Mathison

Conner Pirsig, Major Grey.

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