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2023 Heart and Dedication Award: Jordy Hansen

By Tony Zosel, 04/20/23, 9:15PM CDT


Orono junior overcomes malignant brain tumor and gives back to the game in numerous ways.

2023 Heart and Dedication - Jordy Hansen

Jordy Hansen - Orono Junior

Orono Junior Jordy Hansen photographed this week after being named our first ever Heart and Dedication Award winner.

“Once in a blue moon” is a common expression which means not very often or very rarely.  In the case of Jordy Hansen, he is a rare breed of a human being. 

In the winter of 2017, Jordy's life took a quick turn for the worse when he discovered a malignant brain tumor near the end of his second year of Squirts (age 11).  Within a week of this discovery, Jordy had the tumor surgically removed and began a long road back. 

Back to where?

Back to being one of the best players on his team. Every coach's dream. A hard worker and a gifted goal scorer.

Jordy's story isn't one you'd write a Hollywood script about.

Hollywood is impatient.
Hollywood only wants the pretty details.
Hollywood can't wait 10 years.

Jordy cheering on his buddies PeeWee team during his rehab year in 2018.

Over the past six years, Jordy has scratched and clawed physically. All behind closed doors. Building his strength and most important his coordination back on his right side that was damaged in his surgery.

Jordy's hockey glory is glorious. 

He got back on skates a year later and played four years of competitive hockey at the B and C levels for Orono. All while watching his group of friends excel at the higher levels.

While his buddies on Orono punched their ticket to state this year, almost six years to the day of surgery. Jordy proudly stood by his best friends and cheered. His buddies skated up to the cameras, scored overtime winners and took Warroad to the brink. 

Jordy stood by, with a smile. 

This is what makes him a blue moon.

Jordy celebrating with his classmates on the ice after Orono punched their ticket to state in March.

Out of competitive hockey, the fire in Jordy kept burning. He made arrangements to play Rec hockey this past winter. He began working at Morrison Ice Arena driving the Zamboni. And then one day last fall, a former teammate approached him to coach his Bantam C team. 

After twisting his arm for a few seconds he agreed to do it with his dad  Stewart and longtime family friend Paul Vieth. Jordy, 17 years old, was only allowed to be a "student" coach.  If you know Jordy, we all know who the real coach was. 

With Jordy at the helm, the Spartans swept the District 3 regular season and playoff championships.

It wasn't the X, but it was his first taste of many tastes of glory to come for Jordy. His Hollywood ending is coming. And when it happens, the entire Orono hockey community will rejoice.

2023 District 3 Bantam C Champions - Orono

When we heard Jordy's story. We knew that there are more stories about players who overcome hardship each year and have a story to tell.  Jordy is our first winner of the Heart and Dedication Award. 

Congrats Jordy on being our first of many winners that will come in the future.

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