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Road Trip!!

By Tony Scott, 01/11/13, 2:15AM CST


At the Squirt and U10 level every team usually goes on an out of town trip to play teams from other districts, see new rinks and most of all have fun with their teammates.  Most trips have an abundance of kids running around hotels, swimming in the pool and parents enjoying a beverage of choice.  As much as there is an extra cost to these affairs, the price is always worth it.  Kids bond and parents bond in ways most never would have imagined.

If a kid is wavering on their love of the game, send them out of town with 14 other kids, play three games and that love will change….guaranteed. One of my kids after losing three straight games by a combined 27-1 and a four hour drive home said to me, “Dad….hockey is easily my favorite sport.”  I was thinking it was time to invest in some figure skates or basketball shoes!  But no, this child was hooked.  The bond this child formed with friends was remarkable.

As a coach, the out of town tournament is the perfect tonic for teaching and learning before, during and after the weekend. Kids listen more, they practice harder and they have an energy for the game that is unmatched.

As a parent, it is very rewarding to watch your kid have a blast with their friends, meet new people from around the state (and Canada) and get away from the rat race of every day life.

Tourney Thumbs Up:

1. Fun
2. Memories
3. Lotsa Hockey
Tourney Thumbs Down:
1. Coming home on Sunday
2. Home cooked brackets for the home team
3. Hangover from too many beverages

Time flies during this six year run of youth hockey, enjoy every minute of it.

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