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Girls International Pins & Results

By Tony Scott, 01/06/13, 6:15AM CST


The hockey has begun and so has the pin trading in Fargo.  We plan on adding photos of each team’s pin as the weekend progresses.  If you don’t see your pin in our gallery, please take a photo of it and send it to 

Day 1 Results and lots of pins:


East Grand Forks > Alexandria (6-1), Fargo > Orono (8-3), Eden Prairie > Roseau (White) (10-0), West Fargo Stars > West Fargo (3-2), Lakeville North > Minneapolis Storm (2-1), Edina White > North Francis (6-0), Brainerd > Roseau (Green) (9-1), and Anoka > Moorhead (7-1)

YHH Says: So far no major upsets…some good matchups this morning.
Day 2 Results:

Fargo Freeze > East Grand Forks (4-3), Eden Prairie > West St. Paul Stars (13-1), Edina White > Lakeville North (4-1), Brainerd > Anoka (5-1)

Semis: Fargo > Eden Prairie (6-2) and Brainerd > Edina White (5-3)

Championship: Brainerd > Fargo (2-1)

YHH Says: Picked the final 4 correct, but missed on the EP/Fargo game.  Congrats to the Freeze for their impressive win.  YHH thinks Brainerd will put too much heat for the Freeze to handle (okay, I’ve hit my really bad pun limit for the year and it’s only January 6).

St. Cloud > Minneapolis (6-0), Roseau > Lakeville North (4-2), Orono > Fergus Falls (8-1), Alexandria > Twins (5-2), Anoka > Grand Rapids Greenway (7-0),

East Grand Forks > Moorhead (4-3), and Northeast Predators > Detroit Lakes (3-0).

YHH Says: A good showing for most of the MN teams on Friday.  Should be some great games this morning at this level.

Day 2 Results:

Roseau > St. Cloud (2-0), Orono > Alexandria (3-1), Anoka > East Grand Forks (10-1), and Fargo Freeze > NE Predators (2-1).

Semis: Roseau > Orono (4-2), Fargo Freeze > Anoka (4-2)

Championship: Roseau > Fargo (6-0)

YHH Says: We picked the final four correct (just like the U10s), but missed on the Fargo/Anoka winner (it’s like deja vu).  A very strong chance of a Fargo sweep in the U10 and U12A classes.

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