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2013 Fargo Girls International: Preview, Predictions and Pins

By Tony Scott, 01/03/13, 6:30AM CST


YHH will be following the 2013 Fargo Girls International.  Those familiar with the Fargo International Squirt Tournament, this tournament is very similar.  Teams from all over the Midwest, Canada and parts of the US come to Fargo for a huge hockey extravaganza.  In addition to some great hockey, this tournament features a Thursday night Olympics where individuals can show off their skills and probably the most popular feature is the pin trading that takes place between players, parents and siblings in every rink.  One other feature memorable for kids to Fargo is playing Scheels Arena.  A brand new arena that is home to the USHL hockey club Fargo Force.

YHH will be posting pictures sent in of all teams participating in this weekend’s tournament.  To submit your pin picture, simply email the pic to and we will post it to our “Pins” post throughout the weekend.  At the completion of the weekend we will have a “showdown” of the best pins at the tourney.

But first, let’s get to some hockey.  Note: YHH is a website dedicated to MN youth hockey.  Our knowledge base is very MN focused.  If we don’t select your team to win a game or tournament it is more lack of knowledge than lack of respect.


The tournament is a 16 team bracket tournament, single elimination to for first place, but several opportunities to play  a lot of good teams.  We will break down the first round games by the winner of the first two pool games and so on.

First Four: Alexandria, East Grand Forks, Fargo Freeze, and Orono.  YHH Says: Fargo Freeze (the tournament directors in Fargo always seem to find a way for it’s home club to advance).

Second Four: Roseau White, Eden Prairie, West St. Paul Saints, and West Fargo.  YHH Says: Eden Prairie (The Eagles have a lot of quality wins…you can never count out a Canadian team like West St. Paul).

Third Four: Lakeville North, Minneapolis Storm, Edina White, and North Francis Flyers. YHH Says: Edina White will show why they are one of the best teams in District 6 this weekend.

Fourth Four: Roseau Green, Brainerd, Anoka, and Moorhead.  YHH Says: Brainerd is the class of this very tough bracket.  Anoka is a good team as are the other two teams Moorhead and Roseau.

Final Four: Eden Prairie > Fargo Freeze and Brainerd > Edina White
Champion: Brainerd > Eden Prairie


First Four: Minneapolis (Orange), St. Cloud, Roseau, and Lakeville North. YHH Says: Roseau has a very good team, possibly the best team in the field.
Second Four: Fergus Falls, Orono, Twins, and Alexandria.  YHH Says: Orono will advance into the Final Four.

Third Four: Grand Rapids/Greenway, Anoka, Moorhead, and East Grand Forks. YHH Says: Anoka will “blow” through this pool into the final four.

Fourth Four: Northeast Predators, Detroit Lakes, and Fargo.  YHH Says: See 10A prediction.  Fargo always seems to find it’s way into paydirt in it’s home tournament…Fargo.

Final Four: Roseau > Orono and Anoka > Fargo
Champion: Roseau > Anoka

Stay tuned all weekend for scores and pins from all over this tournament 10B to 19A.

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