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SQA: Edina White stops Edina Green, 3-1

By Tony Scott, 12/06/12, 3:30AM CST


March of 2010, Eden Prairie wins the SQA District 6 championship over Edina. Some two full seasons and nearly 100 games since an Edina Squirt A team would lose again. And who else would end that streak? Edina of course.

In the Summer of 2012, the Edina Hockey Association voted to have two equal Squirt A teams this summer. Most thought that the Hornets may not be as good this season as a result. Heading into this game both teams were undefeated and had both won their opening season tournaments. So much for not being as good.

The game was played at Braemar South. The best venue to watch a youth hockey game for all parties involved. First of all it’s not cold. The sight lines are great for the fans. The benches are on the other side of the rink away from the parents. But best of all, during an exciting game it’s small enough that the noise level can make it a great place to watch and play.

The first period was tightly played. Both teams only mustered 4 shots each and each got a penalty. No score after 1.

The second period was much of the same, limited scoring chance but very well played hockey. In the middle of the second, you could feel the tensions on both sides waiting for that first goal to happen. And as luck would have it, the Whites were on the fortunate end of the first goal. While attacking the Green zone, Mark Overman fed the puck to the point where Jack Richardson aptly dumped the puck toward the net. Like a seeing eye single in baseball the puck weaved it’s way through teammates, defenders sticks and then finally the helpless goalie into the net. 1-0 in favor of the White after two. Shots even 8-8.

In the third period, play loosened up quite a bit. The players got a little more tired and the goal scoring opportunities came in bunches. The Green team trying to tie it found hard shooting Emmit Wurst in the slot (for those without a Green scouting report, that is a bad idea) and Emmit rifled a shot at the top right corner. Mr. Wurst, meet Ramsey Bell and his best friend The Glove. Ramsey snared it out of mid air life a thief in the middle of the night. Moments later, the Whites got control in the Green zone and got pressure around the net and by sure will Lily Delianedis stuffed home the eventual game winner.

Down 2-0, the Green didn’t give up. They began to put pressure on the Green causing three penalties on the White down the stretch. Mr. Bell, meet Mr. Wurst’s cannon one more time. Yes, Emmit Wurst got loose again in the slot and this time beat Bell with a top shelf shot to cut the White lead to 2-1 with with 7 minutes to go. The next goal in the game would be pivotal. In sports, it always seems the top players make plays. In this case while shorthanded Jackson Borst made a beautiful pass to a streaking Will Soderling on the right wing. Soderling did what he’s done many times he found an opening on the far side and beat the well positioned Webert with a wrist shot to give the White the insurance goal they were looking for to seal the win.

A very clean and well played game. A game that could have probably gone either way. Give credit to the White for converting on their chances and some solid goaltending by Ramsey Bell.

Players that caught the eye of YHH: (Green) – John Tucker, Charlie Lindberg, Alex Illies and Brett Witzke – (White) Soderling, Bell, Ben Dexheimer, and Davey Peck.

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