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Minnesota District Tier I Tourney is On!

By frederick61, 09/26/14, 11:30PM CDT


Magician U16 Max Rosenfield/Henry Sibley (#10) takes a shot at the Showcase

With the Magicians declaration submitted to USA Hockey today, there will be a Minnesota District U18 and U16 tourneys next March.

Today, the Minnesota Magicians submitted declaration forms to USA Hockey stating their intent to participate in USA District/Nationals for the 2014-2015 season.  The papers had to be submitted by October 1st.  The Magicians’ declared their intent to send their U16 and U18 teams.  As a result of this action, the will be two Minnesota District tourneys (U16 and U18) played in early March at a place and time to be determined.  Shattuck-St. Mary's, who in prior years were the only organization to declare their intent, will now have at least one competitor.

There is a potential of four more competitors at the U16 level making a similar declaration; the Northern Wings, the Minnesota Blades, Baurer Emerson, and the Elite D Gold team.  If all declared in the next few days, Minnesota District’s first tourney would have six teams participating.  Additional U18 teams could also declare; Northern Wings, Blades, and Baurer Emerson turning the U18 tourney into a five team affair.


The Magicians U18 and U16 teams are a before and after team; players for these teams are drawn from the Red/Black league sponsored by the Magicians.  The Magicians U18 team is currently ranked 7th in the nation; the Blades U18 team is ranked 14th.  Eight teams are playing in the Red/Black league.  Each team is given a color.  The White and Orange teams are tied for the league lead.  The league will be the subject of a post next week.