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2018 YHH Squirtacular Info

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Scoring Leaders

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Scoring Leaders

All Bracket Play Games Except Third Place

Game List

Game Date/Time Game Level
SQA - QF 1 SAT/6:15 PM SQB - QF 1 SAT/3:45 PM
SQA - QF2 SAT/6:45 PM SQB - QF 2 SAT//4:15 PM
SQA - QF 3 SAT/7:30 PM SQB - QF3 SAT//5:00 PM
SQA - QF 4 SAT/8:00 PM SQB - QF 4 SAT//5:30 PM
SQA - SEMI 1 SUN/9:30 AM SQB - SEMI 1 SUN/8:45 AM
SQA - SEMI 2 SUN/10:00 AM SQB - SEMI 2 SUN/9:15 AM
SQA - Championship SUN/3:00 PM SQB - Championship SUN/1:45 PM

    Live Stream

    Date Matchup Time
    Jan. 25 Edina vs. Minnetonka 7:00 P.M.
    Jan. 31 CDH vs. STA 7:30 P.M.


    Minnesota Rankings

    MN NOW Rankings

    Computerized ranking of all YHH coverage area (High School, Youth Boys & Girls)

    MN Staff Rankings

    Weekly rankings assigned by Tony Scott (High School, Youth Boys & Girls)

    Tourney Links

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    Western States


    Big Pumpkin


    Blue Ox


    The Gobbler


    Lumberjack Cup




    Founders Cup

    1 Spot



    Stars of Tomorrow