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10:00 With Tony Scott

10:00 with Tony Scott (Dec. 6)

By Tony Scott 12/06/2023, 6:00pm CST

Recap of youth tournaments, preview of the Lumberjack, more news.

10:00 with Tony Scott (Nov. 29)

By Tony Scott 11/30/2023, 10:50am CST

Recap youth tournaments, including the Gobbler. Preview the Spirit of Duluth.

10:00 with Tony Scott (Nov. 22)

By Tony Scott 11/22/2023, 3:15pm CST

Tony & Peter preview the Gobbler, pick winners for a Thanksgiving feast of youth tourneys, and review some news from the hockey world.

10:00 with Tony Scott (Nov. 15)

By Tony Scott 11/15/2023, 6:45pm CST

Blue Ox recap, youth boys & girls updates, and some roses & thorns from the past week of hockey.

10 Min. with Tony - 2023 Battle for the Blue Ox Preview

By Tony Scott 11/07/2023, 12:45pm CST

Blue Ox format, seeding, teams & players to watch. Dark horse, champions, and wildcard picks.

  • 10:00 with Tony Scott - Pumpkin Recap

  • By Tony Scott 11/01/2023, 2:00pm CDT
  • Standout players for all 4 winning teams from the championship brackets, surprise teams, etc. Thoughts about penalties, & a small Blue Ox preview.
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