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2024 North American Female Elite Showcase Info

Sunday Playoff Match-ups

Day Time Level Game Type Rink Home (LT) VS Away (DK)
Sunday 8:00 AM 2010 7th Place SR 1 Team NA NS Elite
Sunday 8:15 AM 2011 5th Place FOG S Western Selects Red Western Selects White
Sunday 8:30 AM 2011 Semifinal SR 4 Team MN Purple Team MN White
Sunday 8:30 AM 2011 Semifinal SR 6 MN Machine MAN All-Stars
Sunday 9:00 AM 2012 7th Place SR 2 Team NA WestCan
Sunday 9:00 AM 2013 3rd Place SR 3 Great Lakes Western Selects
Sunday 9:00 AM 2013 5th Place SR 5 ILL Selects BOS JR Bruins
Sunday 9:45 AM 2010 5th Place FOG S WestCan AB Western Selects
Sunday 10:00 AM U18 9th Place SR 1 MAN West Team NA
Sunday 10:00 AM 2013 7th Place SR 4 WestCan MAN All-Stars
Sunday 10:00 AM 2011 9th Place SR 6 WestCan ILL Selects
Sunday 10:30 AM 2012 3rd Place SR 2 Aurora JR Spartans Western Selects
Sunday 10:30 AM 2012 5th Place SR 3 Team MN Purple MN Machine
Sunday 10:30 AM 2013 Championship** SR 5 MN Machine Team MN
Sunday 11:30 AM 2012 Championship** SR 4 MAN All-Stars Team MN Black
Sunday 11:30 AM U18 7th Place SR 6 Western Selects Red PPH
Sunday 11:45 AM 2009 5th Place FOG S PPH ILL Selects
Sunday 12:00 PM U18 Championship SR 1 Toronto Pro Western Selects White
Sunday 12:00 PM 2010 3rd Place SR 2 UNRL MAN All-Stars
Sunday 12:00 PM 2011 7th Place SR 3 Team NA Great Lakes
Sunday 12:00 PM 2010 Championship** SR 5 Team SASK WestCan BC
Sunday 1:00 PM 2011 Championship** SR 4
Sunday 1:45 PM U18 3rd Place SR 1 WestCan MAN East
Sunday 2:00 PM 2009 3rd Place SR 2 SASK WestCan
Sunday 2:00 PM 2009 Championship** SR 5 MAN All-Stars Team MN
Sunday 2:30 PM U18 5th Place SR 4 MN Machine Team MN
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