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USA Hockey’s U18 Development Camp plays first games

By frederick61, 07/13/13, 2:00PM CDT


Pink does not mean anything as the Purple player finds out

Five games were played at the U18 Girls select camp that opened this week in St. Cloud.  The games were played at the National Sports Center rinks on the St. Cloud State campus.  Each game consisted of two 23 minute stop time periods followed by a 5 minute stop time 4 on 4 period.

Of the five games played Friday, the Green/Black game turned out to be the best to watch.  Both teams battled until Green pulled away late in the game to win 2-0.  That games overall pace and puck movement was best on the day.  Most of the five games were close in the first half with the winning teams breaking away in the second period.  The Gold beat the Blue 4-2 and the Royal and White teams tied 0-0 in the first two games played Friday morning.  In the next two games, the Purple beat the Pink 3-0 and the Green won.  In the final game of the day, the Red team beat the Grey 4-1.

But at the end of the first day, the girls from Shattuck’s prep and U16 teams figured predominantly in all five games played.

Royal-0 White-0

White had the better of the play in the second half and the Royal team had the better play in the first.  But in the end, neither team could beat the goalies.  White goalie Sonja Shelly/Chicago Mission zeroed the Royals first half attack.  Brooke Wolejko/Assabet Valley Red kept the zero through the last 28 minutes of play.  Brittany Bugalski/CT Polar Bears posted a zero in the first half of play for the Royal team; Kassi Abbot/Boston Shamrock U19 zeroed the White attack in the last 28 minutes.

The Royal defensive player, Maddie Rolfes/Shattuck had a good game holding the zone on the Royal attack and smartly stepping in to spearhead an attack when the opportunity was there.  Morgan Morse/Lakeville South had a good game at wing for the Royal team playing tough in the corner and moving well in the open ice in the offensive zone.

Gold-4 Blue-2

n another close game, the Gold team took a 1-0 lead at the end of the first half.  The Gold’s Alyssa Gorecki/Chicago Mission U16 split the Blue defenders crossing the center blue line, but her back into one of the defenders and cleared herself into the slot.  She beat the goalie with a shot to the right center high.

Blue tied the game in the opening minutes of the second half on a goal by Victoria Sullivan/Honeybaked U19.  Each team traded goals over the next 10 minutes.  Olivia Stokes/Dallas Stars U19 scored for the Blue team; Paige Voight/Cretin Derham Hall scored for the Gold.  With the score tie 2-2 with 5 minutes left in the game, the Gold’s 12 Kay Menches/Shattuck U19 scored the winning goal, putting Gold ahead for good 3-2.  Kaleigh Beauregard/Honeybaked U16 scored an empty net goal with a minute left in the game.

The first half was evenly played, both teams having their scoring chances.  The Gold had the edge in play for most of the second half, but the Blue team came on strong late in the game trailing 3-2.  The Blues had the Gold trapped in the Gold zone late in the third period and were pressuring Gold’s goalie Madison Myers/Rice Prep when the defense hesitated in moving the puck deep from the point.  That hesitation was all the Gold forwards needed to take control of the puck off the center left boards and move the puck down the ice to score the empty net goal.

The Gold’s Jesse Dunne/St. Louis Blues U19, Demi Gardner/Warroad, and Menches had good games; Demi Gardner/Warroad, McKenna Brand/NAHA, and Sullivan played well for the Blue’s.

Purple-3 Pink-0

In another evenly played first half, Purple’s Dominique Kremer/Shattuck U16 scored their first of Purple’s three goals as the Purple team went on to add single goals in the second half and in the 4-on-4 period to win 3-0.  It was a workmanlike game, not fancy, just a solidly played game by the two teams.

Annie Boeckers/Cretin Derham Hall scored the second goal halfway through the second period, Hannah Potrykus/Little Caesars score the Purple goal in the 4-on-4 period to end the scoring 3-0.

Kaitlyn Burt/East Coast Wizards and Kelsey Baldwin/Adirondack Northstars combined in the Purple net for the shutout.  This game was one of the more physical games.  Grace Zarzecki/Chicago Mission had a good game for the Pink; Taylar Cianfarano/National Sports Academy played well for the Purple.

Green-2 Black-0

In the most entertaining game of the day, the Green and Black teams battled with each other to break a scoreless tie for 35 minutes before the Green’s Caitrin Lonergan/Assabet Valley Red U16 scored to put Green up 1-0 late in the second half.  Five minutes later, Allison Gasuik/Buffalo Bisons U19 got the insurance goal to end the scoring 2-0.

The game pace was fast from the start and there was little slowing down by either team for most of the game.  The puck movement was excellent considering it was a select team with the players from all over the USA getting together with few practice hours.  Both defenses were solid.

As the first half ended, the Black team slowed slightly.  Green looked to have an advantage at the start of the second half, but the Black recovered coming out of the locker room and resumed the hectic pace.  Deeper into the second half, the Black team started to slow, not much, but just enough for the stronger Green team to gain more pressure.  That was the difference in this game.

Green’s Lonergan, Dani Sadek/Lakeville North, and Rebekah Kolstad/Mankato East all had good games.  Karlie Lund/Blake, Sophia Skarzynski/Chicago Mission, and goalie Alyson Baldwin/Dallas Stars U19 played well for the Black team.

Red-4 Grey-1

The Red team looked terrible in the first minutes of play in the opening half.  The Grey team came out and pinned the Red in the Red’s zone and kept them locked up for the first 5 minutes of play.  Then the Reds managed to mount a 3-on-2 rush on the Grey net with puck ending up on the right side on Alexis Mauermann’s stick.  Mauermann/Shattuck U16 put a hard shot on the goalie from the lower right face off circle.  The puck hit the goalie’s blocker and managed to climb over the goalie’s right shoulder into the net to put the Red up 1-0.

The Grey team returned to dominate but picked up a penalty in the Red’s zone.  The faceoff was moved to the Grey zone.  The Red’s power play was excellent.  They controlled the puck from the faceoff in the Grey zone for most of penalty time until the Red’s Grace Bizel/Hopkins put the puck in the net to put the Red team up 2-0.

The Grey team returned to dominate play again pressuring the Red team in the Red’s zone.  This time the Red’s Abby Roque/Little Caesars broke free into the slot on a rush and fired the puck at the Grey goal.  The puck was deflected slightly downward and slowed on the way to the net upsetting Grey’s goalie Mikaela Ditonto’s (Buffalo Stars) timing.  The deflected shot ended up in the net low right to put the Red team up 3-0 with 5 minutes left in the first half.

A minute after the third Red goal, the Grey’s Charlie Dahlquist/Eden Prairie finally beat Red’s goalie Julianne Landry/Assabet Valley Red U16 to cut the lead to 3-1 at the end of the first half.  The Grey team continued to force the attack in the second period and in the 4-on-4 period.  The Red team played more offense in the second period, but the Grey team pinned the Red in the Red zone most of the second period, and still couldn’t beat Red’s goalie Maddie Rooney/Andover in the final 28 minutes.  The Red’s Mauerman scored halfway through the second period to end the scoring 4-1 for her second goal of the game.

Red’s Mauermann, Roque, and goalies Landry and Rooney all had good games.  The Grey’s Dahlquist played well.

The games continue through Tuesday culminating with a series of all-star games Tuesday morning.  The camp breaks at noon on Tuesday.

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