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That Awkward Moment…

By Tony Scott, 04/25/13, 1:15PM CDT


AT&T put out a great ad a couple years ago (see above). I think the point was internet speed. My takeaway was “Awkward Moment”. Standing around a rink for sometimes hours can produce some doozies, too. Here are a few:

The time when a dad yells out, “we win this game if we get better goaltending…” And the goalie’s dad is right there.  Chew on that shame sandwich for a couple hours dude.

The time when I yelled at the head of officiating for the District from the stands and was warned by him…I couldn’t find a hole fast enough despite his partner being in the way the whole game.

A dad screaming to an official “that’s Bull—t” during a U10 game.  My guess is his daughter was mortified as her team was given a bench minor.

The mom who yelled at the other team’s parents, “Get a Life”. I’m not sure she was ashamed, but my guess is the other fans from her cheering section were.

That moment when your son plays on a boys team with 2 girls and the coach calls the team “boys” or “guys”. Everyone just sits there and prays that he corrects his error.

Here’s some advice from a guy who has made his share of mistakes as a player, coach, and dad:

1. Think before you speak…the less you say the better (just watch the parent of a youngest kid compared to a parent of an only or oldest, it’s like night and day).

2. Don’t disparage another kid’s ability…especially in front of your own kid

3. Try to have fun every time you are at the rink…in a very short time your kids will be done playing, make it a great time, not awkward.

I got an email from a mom this week that pretty much sums it up, she said:
“Tony – my son’s team won 3 games all year at the A level of Squirts.  Losing some games by more than 10 goals several times.  I’m writing to let you know he was on your site every day all season comparing his team to every team in the state.  For your site, I am very grateful. We had our team party last week and it was a blast.  You would have thought this team had won your State Squirtacular by how our coaches built these kids into great players and young men.  Thanks again for your site and helping make hockey so much fun this year.”

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