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DynaMoo: Making the Most of your Workout

By Tony Scott, 01/30/13, 7:00AM CST


Hockey is hard work, and we aren’t talking about the parents who drive them everywhere.  All youth hockey players have some sort of on ice, off ice and off season training regime. Any regime requires good nutrition before and after a workout.

The BEFORE has been well documented.  Eat right before a game for the best one ice/field/court performance.  But what about afterward?  Can a kid go to DQ after every game and still be successful?

Experts now agree that the two hour window AFTER exercise is an important, yet often neglected part of a fitness routine.  One of the best ways to make sure you’re maximizing those precious hours spent is by properly refueling after your workout.  Research suggests that what you eat and drink during the two hours after a strenuous workout  can have a huge impact on how you recover – refueling, rehydrating, and rebuilding your muscles so you’re in top shape for the next workout is critical.

While doing some research on this topic, I discovered that world class athletes such as Chris Bosh and Apollo Ohno have become spokespeople for Chocolate Milk and it’s ability to help them train at high levels. What prompted my research to do this research started at the rink.  While at two Woodbury tournaments this winter, I got a chance to sample a product that was actually good for me.  So I had to know more.  Here is what I found out about it.

Local company Agropur, formerly Schroeder Milk, recently launched a shelf stable Chocolate Milk brand called DynaMoo™. Their product comes in 8 ounce containers and can be found at local Super America, Kowalski’s and Festival Foods stores. DynaMoo can also be purchased online with Coborn’s Delivers, too.

Shelf Stable

What caught my attention most was the fact that DynaMoo was shelf stable. Meaning I can keep it warm in my pantry until I need it.  Thanks to aseptic technology – a combination of ultra-high temperature pasteurization and sterilized packaging – a sterile atmosphere is maintained within the container so you can store DynaMoo for up to many months without refrigeration. Or simply put, I can stick it in my hockey bag before I play and have my chilled re-fuel on hand the minute I get off the ice.  Or better yet, give it to my kids right after their 90+ minute workout.  Good news and bad news about this product.  Good news: my family loves the stuff.  The Bad news: my family LOVES the stuff.

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