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Staff Rankings: December 1, 2014

By Tony Scott, 12/01/14, 1:00PM CST


There are no absolutes in Youth Hockey this year

The last few years we have had a few Dyansty Teams that have run the table. Three come to mind: Edina at the Squirt A ('11-'12), Edina at PWAA ('12-'13 and '13-'14), Rosemount at Squirt A ('12-'13) and OMG at Squirt A ('13-'14). This year will likely mark the year where there is no clear cut favorite at any level. Fun for the fans, writers. But not fun for the coaches and pollsters.

This week we rank all levels except U10A and Squirt B. Still not enough data to give an accurate ranking for these teams. However a few nice teams at U10A already have surfaced, especially Andover. 

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